The Lumberton Observer hopes it can establish itself as a community supported online Newspaper that provides its community with all the news that’s fit to print. We want you, the readers, to be our main source of news. We want you to be our contributors, reporters, and editors. If you are an expert in some area that would interest the Lumberton community, than we might just want you to write about it for your community paper – the “Lumberton Observer.” We want to establish a relationship with the police and fire department to keep us informed of what is going on in Lumberton. We want the Lumberton Chamber of Commerce to tell us who is doing what. What new businesses are coming to town. For the Lumberton Observer to succeed, we need the help of its community. Thank you, David Hearne & David Lisenby.


"The Christmas Special", a thought provoking political thriller written by Lumberton, TX author David Hearne, revolves around a series of Christmas morning terrorist attacks.

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