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Initial Credit Evaluation and Consultation

This is the process by which we thoroughly review your 3-Bureau Credit Report for outdated or suspicious information and discuss your goals in depth so that we can develop the strategies necessary to meet your unique circumstances. 

Debt Validation

This is the process by which we engage directly with collection agencies and require evidence that establishes validity of the debt(s).

*Includes up to 3 rounds of debt validation and one negotiation round, if needed.

Debt Negotiation & Settlement

This is the process by which we engage directly with collection agencies and original creditors to negotiate settlements of debts which includes requesting the agencies to update and/or delete the account from the credit file once payment clears.

*While there are few exceptions, most settlements must be able to be made in one lump sum within 15 days of the accepted date of offer to have greatest effect.

Bureau Disputes & Investigations

This is the process by which we engage with the 3 Major Credit Reporting Agencies and require a full and complete investigation of all questionable negative information found in your credit record.

*The results will arrive at your mailing address and will be in unmarked envelopes that may be construed as “junk mail”.  Please be careful to keep all three and bring them with you to your first progress analysis meeting.

Credit Build

This is the process by which we educate and instruct you to open certain and specific accounts with certain and specific companies that are designed to increase your scores while simultaneously growing your savings!

*We use only the time-tested and proven methods that work every single time they’re tried!

Progress Analysis

This is the process by which we meet to go over the most recent results and to plan for the next round of service, as needed.

*Usually scheduled 45 days after a round of service is completed.

Ready to Work for you

Thomas White

Thomas White

Senior Credit Analyst

Since 2008, I’ve helped over 1,000 clients recover their credit and financial stability! It would be my honor to help you recover yours!

Thomas White

Jerrielynn White

Jerrielynn White

Office Manager
Credit Analyst

Passion! Excellence! Integrity! Just three words that describe the entire staff of Dependable Credit Solutions. Let us do our very best for you!

Jerrielynn White

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